The Real Underground Is an online radio station powered by the A-Team Dj coalition based in Little Rock, AR.  The playlist consist mostly of underground and independent music.   The station began as a radio show on fm airwaves in 2006 when two of Little Rock’s rap pioneers D-Dirt @LilRockObama and Joseph “HogLeg” Davis got together and proposed the idea of an all local radio show to 88.3fm.  D-Dirt and HogLeg was frustrated and became motivated with the lack of support from commercial radio in Little Rock.  Both guys owned record labels and had experience in the dj arena.  D-Dirt was a part time club dj and HogLeg was a graduate from Grambling State university with a degree in broadcasting.

The Real Underground show launched and was a huge success amongst the urban community as well as the prison community.  The show brought awareness to the underground rap community and highlighted many local artist in and out of Arkansas.  The show broadcast 2 days a week for 5 years and was removed from the airwaves due to poor financial support from pledge drives.  In 2014 the show was revived and came back to the airwaves. This time it was bigger and better due to now it had the Internet to take it across the globe.

Once again the show became very popular but after a year and a half the powers that be cut the show due to too much street aspect being brought to the airwaves and inside the radio station itself.

The radio show was a major component to a puzzle put together by D-Dirt.  A puzzle that’s called the Arkansas rap movement.  Another component of this puzzle was the A-Team Djs which is a coalition of djs that support indie music.  The last component of the movement was A-Team Inc. A marketing, management, promotion and production company that provided the resources and acted as the tool box and brain of the operation.  So with theses components they had djs, mixtape outlets, clubs and promoters that supported indie shows, studios, producers, managers, printing company, videographers, graphic designers and everything it took for an artist to succeed all coming out of one hub.  Basically an entire music habitat built to self sustain itself without outside help.

Internet radio has allowed the movement to continue but with an even stronger influence due to having the ability to control playlist, air time and spins count.

The Real Underground Radio Station is a royalty paying radio station licensed with ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, SOCAN and SoundExchange