Support / FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

Easy!  Between 9am-9pm

Just call 1-833-TRU-RADIO (18338787234) line 5  

Or Email: 

Yes, 99% of our shows are 💯% live. Except Dj Petty Pentergrass & Salt Disney. They live, but they’re not.. (kinda, but not really)

One is from the future👽, and one is a 🤬asshole. But everyone else is here and now. You can always make a request & that will be answered live! 

…So! 🖕

Don’t be so dam sensitive! If you keep listening 👂& watching 👀 you will Surely find something that you like. After an hour or so, if you still haven’t found something that you like, feel free to call in and let us know that you’re a hater! We have a special club just for people like you!

It’s called THE HATIN’ @$$ ***** CLUB! 

it’s full too!


Bring yo bitch ass down & join the team! 😆We always need graphic designers✍️, promoters, security, nerds🤓, gangstas😎, preachers, pimps, strippers, former dealers, & hustlers of all variations. Most important attributes are positivity, loyalty, hustle, Teamwork, a sense of humor, & great communication. (We can teach the rest)  We don’t care about your past, as long as you’re not a 🤬@$$, a🖕Boy, or a piece of 💩! (We have enough of those already)